a charming young man, who was capable of being terrible. he was angelically beautiful. he was antinous wild.

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my body’s weak,
feel my lungs giving up on me.
i’m worried it might just be
something my soul needs


all your favs are queer girls: Enjolras and Grantiare

Its hard enough to lead a revolution when you’re a woman without the cynical drunk in the back challenging your every move and calling you Athena. But in the end she’s the one crossing the room to take your hand and say, “Permets-tu?” It turns out death feels a little softer when there’s someone you love going with you. (Alona Tal & Alia Shawkat)


favorite movies⎥get to know me meme⎥les misérables [1/5]

Anonymous asked: how do you make gifs from dvds? i can never seem to do it on kmplayer, or is it different for blurays?

KMplayer should work for both DVDs and blurays. So first you need to open up the video file in KMPlayer. You should be able to right click on the player and choose “Open > Open DVD” and select your disk. (*Sometimes blurays have copyright protection which means that you can’t open them. I use a program called AnyDVD HD which strips out protection and lets you access the video files directly. You can get that program here but you have to pay for it :/)

Once your video is open you press Control+G to open up the frame extraction window. These are the settings I use:

Then you press the start button on this panel, and start playing the video at the point you want. It will capture the frames and save them to your chosen folder (C:/The KMPlayer/Capture in this case). Then you can make these caps into gifs using photoshop - there are tutorials on this here and here.

I hope that’s useful. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll try to help!

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éponine | loving a shadow

We’re the only ones left.

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